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At the PREC meeting last Tuesday, someone stood up during the Haves and Wants session and mentioned a BP Meet-up Group but I failed to catch the name or phone number.

Hopefully you'll see this post and reach out to me, I'd like to participate!

Hey Dick, that was me.   Glad to hear that you're interested - I've received a lot of response so I'm looking to set something up.  I'll make sure to post on this thread.

Bevla - I believe he is referring to the Phoenix Real Estate Club -

Actually, you should move this to the marketplace. Mods?

I wish they would move those meetings to another night.  I would like to attend but cannot on Tuesday night.  I would be interested in a meetup as well.

Thanks @Michael Hacker , I'm glad you were watching :) I'll be watching for your update.

This post has been removed.

Sorry, but meeting notices must go into the Real Estate Events and Happenings forum. 

Please check 'Events & Happenings' under the Network section.

@John Holdman

Seems like it was pretty easy for me to find and connect with the person I was looking for and for the purpose that I was looking for him. But I don't see any search capabilities in the "Network --> Events and Happenings" page so now I seem to have lost touch with the whole reason for this post?

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