Bandit Signs (Are they legal?)

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I see them everywhere but from my understanding they aren't legal. I am contemplating on having some made and putting them on street corners in areas I want to invest in. Does anyone have any experience with them? Are they legal? Will I get fined? I would put my google voice number on the signs which is forwarded to my cell phone and also thinking about putting my investment website where they could also contact me. I imagine each city will have their own rules, I'm wanting to put them in the West valley (Phoenix, Glendale, Avondale, Goodyear, Etc)

Suggestions would be helpful, I don't want to get fined. Thanks

They are a code violation in most if not all cities in the Valley so you do have to be careful with them. That being said, I have never heard of them being able to track you down using your Google voice number. At worst they'll just pull them and you're out the money for the signs.

I would advise against putting a website on them.

Look up the municipal code for the cities where you're considering using them and read the sign sections.  99% chance they are not allowed.  And, yes, this is something that's commonly regulated by the city, so you have to look at each one.

Even if you can get away with them, and even if its a minor law, do you really want to start your real estate investing career breaking the law?

The folks who enforce these things (if bandit signs are illegal in your area) will call you pretending to be potential clients/targets and eventually in your discussions or meetings you will identify yourself.

Guess what happens next?

@Tom Gimer   or they call and say   "this is officer Smith take your freaking sign down before we fine you :))"

to me personally there is nothing trashier or trash's up a neighborhood.. If i see them anywhere near anything I own I rip them down as a matter of course..

If you want to do that .. buy a billboard.. or you can advertise on bus's bench's one of my agents did that quite effectively.. and one of the major distress home buyers in the PDX market uses bus bench's..  One of the big wholesalers I know on the east coast swears by radio adds.  literally no one does those and you will get a bunch of great leads.

when i was doing timber and there is nothing more NICHE than that I would run radio adds on christian station quite effective..

@Jay Hinrichs Agreed. Billboard, vehicle wrap, PPC, some other creative marketing is a better plan.

Around here enforcement truly does what I said they do to get to the sign owner... and the fines are large and I believe per day, per sign! I know buyers who paid thousands of dollars to learn the law (often local ordinances).

Each town/city treats them differently. I personally put them up as they are the cheapest form of advertising and they are common in areas around my house. My town usually cuts them down quickly in high traffic areas, but literally on the other side of the street where its a different town they will stay up till the marker fades. They work better in the worse the neighborhood is.
Its a lot of work and you have to be a little brave. I put them out at night and its usually me and police doing their rounds. Cheapest route I found is white, blank chloroplast signs on amazon, a box of magnum sharpie markers, nails with plastic washer on them at big box store, and my wifes nice handwriting.

Nothing screams I have piles of cash to buy your house with more than a cardboard sign written in sharpie...

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I think I'll stay away from the bandit signs, It was tempting because they are so cheap and get lots of exposure. I just started getting into flips earlier this year and I'm working on my 3rd deal but I found them all from word of mouth really. I'm wanting to do more deals in 2018 and Bandit signs was one of my ideas because they are cheap and don't take much time but it sounds like they are pretty risky. Thanks again!

Bandit signs are everywhere in Phoenix. For those saying you will be fined, have any of you been fined before? I am just curious because I see “Scott buys houses” everywhere all the time. I have also noticed his bandit signs are way high up so they are not easily taken down. I am just curious because like I said they are everywhere and it seems they put them up in my neighborhood in the 19th Ave and union hills area often. Heck one of my buyers says his company uses them often as well.

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