Repair or replace hot water unit

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To the group at large what is reasonable when you as landlord want to fix something rather than a quick get in and out replacement , and let resident get on with their life? 

I am the tenant!… the hot water heater started failing on Nov27, 11 service calls to trouble shoot later and now feb 3rd. They landlords have refused to replace as the manufacturing life says 15-20 years and its nine years old. I’ve lost hot water at least 40 times mid shower, over the last 10weeks an estimate I did not write down until recently They are coming back this week to rescale again, it’s a automatic continual hot water unit not a tank, suppose to give on demand hot water. They’ve scaled it twice, blown out unit with high pressure air for dust etc 2 Times. emptied line of sediment at least 4 times, increased pressure, decreased pressure, accused me of not turning on the water right?! Asked me to take pictures, text after text, phone calls to come right over and try this that, oh and can you track times of day, hence the journal. I’ve been inconvenienced on so many morning and evenings. Then I kept a timeline for January  as the requested and informed land lord on the 15th ,knock on wood only failed once since Jan 2, then waited 2 more weeks to inform that its deteriorating again. 8 more times and now twice a day, I gave journal with rent warning that it’ll fail completely soon I fear. They say no not buying a unit when it can be serviced. also mad I didn’t contact for 2 weeks. I thought that was the plan.  and the many visits start again. 

Now I’m being seen as “difficult” when I’ve been very cooperative for first five weeks and first 8 service calls. We are now at at least 11 possibly 13 I can’t prove but it seems like 13 since nov 27. I have not asked for compensation, I have boiled water for dishes and baths Between repairs, paid rent on time this month,  only one day “late” last month (on the second /tech late is the 5th) we’ve always had a good relationship but the first time I said no not today tomorrow is better it started to shift. (hot water was currently working that day she just had another idea to try)  I’ve never demanded  reasonable notice and I let them come over last night with 5 mins notice in the middle of supper because they are now inferring I’m making it hard for them by having to respect my privacy. They became very angry when I expressed what about how this feels from my perspective as a tenet? They feel they are doing the best they can and can’t pay 4000 for a new unit, I think that is a inflated rate. I said I’d take a 500$ regular one over 6 weeks ago! 

 I’ve googled reasonable rights law regarding I can’t find my rights online. I know 24 hours but not with emergency and heating hot water is considered immediate access.  They are technically responding but I disagree with a reasonable approach in a rental unit, maybe for your own house! Can a tenant demand a new appliance if fixing it becomes ridiculous?

Thank you for your time anyone who responds! Oh I live in Arizona

Read your state /city landlord tenant laws. This will define what your rights are and how to handle it.

You’re right, it would be ‘easier’ if your landlord didn’t do anything. Legally, it seems like he’s trying to get it fixed... even though it’s been a long road. It might be hard to win in a court if you were to start escrowing rent (or whatever is the legal course of action on AZ).

My next step would probably be a letter to the landlord/manager stating that you’re tired of losing hot water and that’s an expectation of habitability. If it fails again, you’re going to start escrowing your rent until it is repaired. Maybe he’ll find out that you’re both serious and following the law.

thank you for responding mike!   I may have to find an Arizona tenants rights agency to  talk with especially if it fails after they do more repairs this week. I really hope it works but it seems the same approach of descaling will last 10- 15 days and the loop will continue! 

Give notice and move out. They will either fix it or watch you leave. I prefer tanks myself

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