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Hey there! I live in Flagstaff and have been involved in Real Estate related industries for 20 years. I found the BP community through a suggestion in an investment group and here I am!

I notice that there is not a sub-forum for anything in Northern Arizona. Are there any NAZ Real Estate Enthusiasts here? 

I'm looking forward to growing, learning and being a part of this community! 

Tim Allen

I think AZREIA has a Flagstaff meeting. Try

Hi Tim,

I’m back to BP after a little hiatus, a newer investor and former commercial broker, recently relocated to Prescott. Maybe we can work together and/or provide mutual moral support. Stay in touch. Scott

@Scott Settimo I am in Prescott often, usually at least twice a month! 

It would be great to connect. I'll send you a message and try to post more activity related to our neck of the woods! 

@Tim Allen Hi Tim, my husband and I live in Flagstaff and we'd be delighted to connect. Our real estate portfolio has taken the back seat while we are starting up a local hard cider company. It would be great to get some energy going in the real estate direction again.

@Clare Stielstra That would be great! I'm new to the BP platform and I can't figure out how the "connect" feature works, haha. I'll message you as well!! And, it sounds like you have another great reason to connect, Cider!!

Hi Tim, 

Welcome to BP! So far I love this community (only been on here for a few months). I live in Flagstaff, AZ as well, born and raised. I am a local Real Estate agent. I work with Long Realty and represent Miramonte Homes at Switzer Canyon - Luxury Townhomes, I do resale as well. If you ever need a realtor, or have any real estate needs that I can assist with, I would be happy to! I hope you like BP as much as I do! I would love to know what types of investing you have done and what you've done. I am incredibly excited to start investing myself. Hope you have a great day, and welcome!

Thanks @Christian Petris ! I'm a Realtor myself but I really focus on property management. I will only work with purchases or listings if they are existing clients or friends. I'm sure we will cross paths soon! In the meantime, I've created a Meetup group as well as FB group if you'd like to join me there. I'm excited to grow a more vibrant RE community here in Northern Arizona. The professional world is strong with NAAR and the Chamber but I couldn't find any more social type RE clubs. Problem solved!! 

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