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I need a good combo Spec/ Rehab contractor that can handle multiple projects. Most of the GCs I am running Into want to take there premium and just let the subs run wild. Being overtime and over budget. Any hungry good ones out there willing to put in the work and make a lot of money?

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Hey David, thanks for reaching out. I do not charge for Rehab estimates,  although I do ask that properties be under contract. Too many times a lot of guys don't want to get estimates on a ton of properties that are not under contract  and it tends to take up a lot of unnecessary time. I mean that with all respect.  I do not have a set cost per square foot, as every job is different depending on the client, the area, condition of the house, and the overall product you're wanting to deliver to market.  If a contractor tells you a set cost per square foot, they are full of **** and you should run the other way. A ballpark number for your average three bedroom two bath house,  doing just cosmetics, and to use for a reference when trying to negotiate a price on personal properties with the $25 per square foot.  But the cost can rise if it needs a roof, AC, garage door, etc. Don't let these people fool you into thinking that there is a set price per square foot.  That is some industry standard that was set when Wholesaler properties became popular  and guys thought they could use that to negotiate the buy price and the sell price. Like I said, every job is different and the cost of labor him materials continues to rise significantly,  therefore all those costs I have to be factored in. Feel free to PM me and I can exchange contact information if you want to discuss things further

@David M. click on their name and click connect and send them a message along with the connection request or click on their name and go to their profile and then in the top right hand of their profile it will say message. Click on that and send them a message.

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