Help with Dog problems!

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My rental property manager leased an apartment to a lady who at the time had no pets.  She moved in her sister, who then got a puppy and a letter from a therapist saying the dog is a companion to her.  The dog has grown, and is banging around, barking, all hours of the day and night, and bothering all the other tenants.  I have told the lady about it several times, and she says she will tell her sister, and nothing changes.  The lady's lease ends July 31, 2018.  Can I give a 30-day notice and get her out earlier or do I have to give notice that she has until July 31, and then her lease will not be renewed? 

@Carole G.

If the tenant is month-2-month and your jurisdiction allows for it, you can give one month's notice.   If the tenant is on a periodic annual lease, then you will have to provide notice in compliance with local tenancy law and the terms of the lease.

@Carole G. Stick to the lease. If there's nothing in the lease regarding having pets, you can file for non-compliance in court. Send a notice in writing regarding the dog and the sister. If she does not respond, you can take it to court. Good luck!! 

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