Hey All - still a newbie here.

I own a 5-acre plot of land that has 3 electrical and waste hookups plus a house on the property. I'm trying to understand if I can legally advertise these spots (3), perhaps put more, as long-term RV slots. Or that I've been doing things wrong from the start by renting these out already. 

Is there a specific zoning classification I should be looking for?

If I'm living in the house and renting out the spots, do I need a new zoning classification?

While it's not lucrative and only 1-2 spots are booked for the majority of the year, that's been without any real emphasis on doing this as a business. Mainly just family and work friends. If I lived in the home, would that make any difference?

Very interested in hearing back from the community with what are some "legal" options here. Not expecting legal advice, just guidance from what people may have experience/encountered throughout their choices.

Thx/ Ray