Max occupanncy laws for Arizona (Chandler)

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I wanted to reach out reach out and see if anyone had a reference to the amount of unrelated tenants that could live in a property.  The most recent request i had was for 4 people.  Can you guys provide any documentation on this if available?



This is for Tempe (shows the complexity of this issue): 

d) Occupancy load; sleeping room. Every rental housing unit shall contain at least one bedroom or living/sleeping room of appropriate size for each two (2) persons. Every room occupied for sleeping purposes by one person shall contain at least seventy (70) square feet of habitable room area and every room occupied for sleeping purposes by two (2) people shall contain at least fifty (50) square feet of habitable room area for each person.

(e) Occupancy load; rental housing unit. Every rental housing unit shall provide at least two hundred twenty (220) square feet of floor area for the first two (2) occupants and one hundred (100) square feet of floor area for each additional occupant. The floor area is to be calculated on the basis of total dwelling unit area.

I would ask your insurance company, I know my insurance company had some issues when I had 4 names on a lease that didn't share a last name for a SFH. I don't know what that means in terms of coverage if say your house burns down, could the insurance company not pay out a claim due to you having more than 1 family living in a "single" family house.

Not sure about Chandler, but I know Tempe has a law that says only 3 unrelated people can live in a house. I've never heard of it being enforced, but I'm sure the city may use it as a tactic if there is a problem with a rental house (eg - it's a massive party spot). 

Some landlords/PMs will rent to 4 or more people, but only put 3 names on the lease and the fourth name as "additional occupant". I've never gotten a straight answer from attorney regarding this tactic and is it still enforceable, say during an eviction.

@Kevin B

Best advice: Call the city's code enforcement:

Just say that you had a "family" or group of friends apply to lease your home, but they all seem to be unrelated. You should get an answer pretty quickly.

Google shows the answer may be 5, but the corresponding PDF files have been moved on local government's website. Best of luck!

I got a hold of sally with chandler and she didn't mention any restrictions in Chandler.  She did mention that i needed to register it with Maricopa county though which i just took care of.

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