Phoenix, AZ: Inactive License, New Agent & Finding The Right Firm

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I moved to Phoenix, AZ in March 2017 from Miami, FL with my girlfriend after she got a new position, and immediately got my Real Estate License (former career in college athletics). I initially got started with a smaller brokerage firm, but the training just wasn't there. We needed additional income as we were purchasing our home, so I got a job at a financial firm (had to inactivate my license) and have been there ever since. I am ready to move full-time into the real estate industry, with the right move.

End goal is to get involved in real estate investing (fix and flips mostly), but do not have the capital to jump into that yet. My thought was to spend some time, using my license, learning the industry and gaining knowledge of the area, while generating the necessary capital to eventually go that route.

I know the Arizona School of Business and Real Estate has job fairs every so often, and I believe the next one is at the end of the month, which I plan on attending. If anyone has any other suggestions on trying to get in with a brokerage firm, I would greatly appreciate the feedback! Even if it is just how you got started with your firm.

How receptive are firms with potential agents walking in and inquiring about job openings? Is it worth reaching out to firms via their websites/contact information to try and set something up?

I have heard a lot of good things about Keller Williams, in general, nothing specifically about the offices here in Phoenix, but I know their training is highly spoken for. I think training/mentorship is going to be a big factorfor me, the commission split/fees not so much right off the bat - I know I can succeed, just need to get myself off on the right foot.

Really appreciate any help/information on this!

Thank you!


Give a call to Templeton W with T Group. They are an up and coming firm with lots of promise. Not sure if they are actively hiring but worst that can happen is they can say no. Breadth of knowledge and expertise in all areas of real estate investing (buy & hold, fix & flip, as well as usual realty services). 

Keep and trying until someone gives you a shot and when that happens, take it and run with it!

I wish you luck! 

Hey @Nicholas Searles ,

I think the best way to start is to keep your end-goal in mind and find a place where you can learn from like-minded people. Local meet-ups, FB, BP, LinkedIn are all great places to meet with agents/brokers who are successfully already on the same path you're looking to take.

That being said, I spent over 6 months working out of a small brokerage, learned a bit but figured I needed a change.

I went to a BP meet-up and got introduced to another agent in my market with very similar goals (learn, earn and invest) and soon afterwards I made the switch. I went to KW to be part of @Juan Barreneche 's team. We have since grown the team, left KW and have kept the same long-term focus.

Everyone's route is a bit different but if you keep the end in mind, you'll find the right fit. Might take some searching, digging, time and patience, but you've got this!

Let me know if you'd like to connect and discuss further.


Thank you @Chris Tabanico  

I will definitely add  Templeton to my list on contacts to reach out to this week, and see if there is a potential opportunity there.

And @Abel Curiel , thanks as well

I will look into the next local meet-up here in Phoenix, great idea! Time to start meeting some like minded folks.

Appreciate you both!