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Hi all - I am an investor in the Phoenix, AZ area with 145 units in Tucson and multiple flips/developments in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Does anyone in the area have a good recommendation for an accountant? I looked into Keystone CPA, which seems to be active on BP, but I haven’t been able to get a return call from them and also, it seems they are pricey. Granted, they may be able to achieve a greater savings than their charged fees but that’s a big “IF”. I’m researching some accountants in the area, but it’s always great to have a recommendation.

Hi Christina 

Frank, newbie investor in Tucson, Az. I dont mean to hi jack your posted, but I was just about to ask the same question, so instead of posting again, was hoping you or @Patrickallen could share the REI specialized accountant recommendation with me.

All the best to your success in the Tucson.


Personally, I would go with any firm that has been referred to you from other investors. In my opinion, finding a CPA is similar to finding a great general practice doctor. It is always a good idea to shop around and find the firm that you think will foster a great, long-lasting relationship with. Price is important too, but I would be willing to pay a little more for someone that knows my business and is always looking out for my best interests. 

Not getting a call back would scare me a little bit. It could mean a bunch of things but, at the least, shows a lack of initiative on their part. There are a lot of really great small firms that you could look into.

For instance, Hunter Hagan and Company, LTD., located out of Scottsdale. 

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I like keeping my personal references personal through direct message for the same reason BP prefers keeping their event posts contained only in their Events & Happenings section, to minimize on clutter in the general forums. Besides that, the moderators do not allow members to post any contact information (numbers/emails) in the forums outside of the Marketplace.

But because this post has gotten so much attention, and because @David Kirkland asked, I recommended Christina check out Tim Walsh with H&S Accounting. He's a preferred partners of AZREIA, based in Phoenix. DM me for his direct number or email.

@Patrick Allen , do you mind also sharing your personal reference with me? I know you put their website in your post but I assume you have a personal relationship that you are referencing. I reviewed H&S Accounting's website and it looks to cover every possible need. 


Hi all - I am a newbie investor looking for a tax accountant. I'm looking for someone who can help us build wealth through real estate (planning to do a fairly decent 1031 in the coming year) while also tax planning and filing for our non REI business. Its been 12 months since @Christina LaBorde  @David Kirkland and @Jimmy Hodges were looking for a new accountant. I would love to know which accountant you would recommend. Thank you!

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