Hello Arizona investors, we just got an old adobe and plaster home under contract, and it has been hit by a car, with a gaping hole. We did have a contractor come and look at it, and gave us a broad estimate, but just out of curiosity, what is the best way to tackle something like that? He mentioned rebuilding the wall under the window and shoring it up really well with 2x4's and then making forms for a concrete fill in, making sure to put a water barrier, such as red guard on the old adobe surrounding, to avoid moisture from the concrete, dissolving the adobe blocks inside the Plaster walls.  Any other opinions on what else we should do? I trust his opinion, but he hasn't dealt with it specifically, and was throwing out suggestions carefully. Basically we were brainstorming it. He's pretty smart, but just thought I would gather suggestions if anyone else has some experience with it. Thanks in advance!