Investment Property in Casa Grande & Arizona City

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Casa Grande is further along than Arizona City; Arizona City is like a ghost town

There are some solid pockets in Casa Grande and they're definitely experiencing a lack of rentals. I think it's going to blow up soon but not quite there yet. There are people flipping there and holding rentals, typically they pay less than in Phoenix/East Valley though because the risk is higher.

There are definitely deals there though!

Was just going to post about the S E "corridor" as I call it, CG, AZ City, Eloy & Coolidge.  IMHO a huge potential in 3-5 years between Lucid, Nikola and the data centers. When the ground breaking (finally) happens I think we will see it take off.  Where are my corridor investors?

@Christina Nguyen I like small towns and generally people from small towns. I have a handful of properties in Casa Grande and they have performed well for me. The numbers work to where they cash flow and I consider the homes I have down them in C-class and a few B-class. But the tenants I have in there have been pretty good to the property.

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@Christina Nguyen If you find a real estate agent in CG please let me know; I need one. 

Ditto for me. Found this thread via search as I was curious to see if anyone was talking about Casa Grande and the corridor between Phoenix and Tucson. This area is destined to build up in the years and decades to come, and Casa Grande is at the center of that potential.

@Shiloh Lundahl how long have you held your properties there?