Do you use a designated title company?

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Hi guys, I have heard recently about reissue rates that some title companies will give you when refinancing the same property they originally closed on with you. However, I haven't found that to be the case with the title companies my lenders have used previously. I want to know if there is much benefit/savings for choosing your own title company. Have you found that the title companies have giving you a discount (reissue rate) when refinancing? I know it's not a lot of cost but title companies just kind of seem like a racket to me with the fees they charge on a property that you know is already free and clear of liens. 

Hey Corey, not sure who you're using but my title agent offers a discount for investors. Most don't discount for a reissue if you've gone more than a month or two between closings. If you plan on reselling the property fairly quickly a hold open may be an option.