NY'er looking for investment property in AZ.

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Currently living in NY and have been in the market for a rental property investment for over a year. Price point and returns here are terrible so I'm now looking out of state. Locations that have come across my research are Indianapolis, Florida, and Arizona to name a few.

Trying to partner with reputable buyers agent and build a long term relationship in AZ to discuss opportunities, management, and all things RE related.

Any recommendations on areas to look into and contacts?


Hot market here, agent Melanie Johnston in Scottsdale and here on BP.

Contractor,   "well I know a guy".

Look into Mesa, Apache junction. Casa Grande,  Some area's of Glendale.

These area's are still under $400,000 and not so high priced.

A good agent and a quick offer and some fix up and your going to make $50,000.

if you hold it a year.

Good luck 

@Jagpreet Singh if you’re looking to chat specifics about the Phoenix AZ market let me know. I have some good insights as an investor and agent myself. It’s a crazy market here right now with supply truly in the tank. Always happy to swap stories as well!