Any PM's close to Ft Smith Arkansas

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Looking to find a Property Manager for a friend who has a summer home in the upper river valley area of Arkansas. He is looking to find out possible rent rate and PM fees for that area.
Thanks for any leads for him.

I don't have a first hand referral but I've heard good things about The Real Property Management franchise in Ft Smith. They may be at least worth an interview. Good luck.

Thanks @Ryan Russell. I'll pass it on.

@Mark Bradford   did your friend find a property manager in Fort Smith? How's experience been? I'm currently looking for the same. Thanks.

You can call almost any real estate agency and they will have an agent that also does PM. I know Sagely&Edwards has an older gentleman that does it. Asking any of them a few questions over the phone will give you some of the basics for the local market (i.e. fees, etc.).

What about Trinity Multifamily property management company in Fort Smith? I am reading some mixed reviews online...mostly bad. 

@Justin Cooke so satisfied or happy with their service? Would you hire them again? Are they handling ALL your management?

@Account Closed happy, just had a small problem with timely reports to start but think it was mainly a backend issue on management software they were using, they've changed software providers and everything supposed to be good now. Would hire again. Yes they are taking care of all my management.

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