Looking for Property Manager in Central Arkansas

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I am in need of a good property manager in Central Arkansas!

I have a property in SW LR that I own with my  mom... She wants to sell it and get rid of it.  I've been trying to convince her that we should Refi - take all of our money out of the property (plus some) and rent it out. But she's scared of having a bad tenant and doesn't want to deal with managing it and I live 3 hours away now.. 

Thanks in advance for any help!

@Kramer Stewart I use and have actually done work for Solid Rock Property management. They are good people- straightforward, honest, and do what you ask. And, they only charge 7.5% of gross rent. I’ve been happy with them thus far.

@Kramer Stewart I live near Cabot, and I am looking at getting rental property in and around Little Rock. I hope you are able to find someone to help with managing this property. If you don’t mind, I will check with you from time to time and see if you are satisfied with the company you use.

Good luck.

@Pat Alford   I have good Property Manger for Pulaski county. (little rock and surrounding areas) If you want me to refer then feel free to PM me.

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@Pat Alford Thank you! There are a lot of opportunities in central Arkansas. Sounds good, thanks again and good luck  to you!

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