Looking for a Little Rock agent that is an investor as well

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I"m looking for single family homes in west little rock and otter creek areas. 1500 sq ft and up with 3 plus bedrooms in a $80 to $130k range. I currently have 8 homes and want to expand to 15 over the next couple of years. I"d love to grab a coffee or lunch to meet other investors in the LR area as well. LOVE LOVE LOVE bigger pockets and all it has to offer. Thanks

put one in OC on market this morning, headed out there to put another one on the market.  i own both.  1 has been a rental for a while, the other i just bought, selling as is, unless i decide to keep it as a rental.

Hi Thomas,  My wife and I are both Realtors and investors who live in WLR.  We are pretty active in monitoring & farming WLR and Otter Creek and run across properties that fit your criteria from time to time.  We currently have two retail listings that won't fit your criteria and are at varying stages of working four other potential properties in WLR & Otter Creek so could easily end up wanting to sell one of those "as is" soon instead of handling the rehabs ourselves.  We're just starting to build our own rental portfolio and expect to have our second buy & hold under contract by the end of the day today.  I'd love to compare notes and find another potential buyer for the 1+% deals that we sometimes find in nicer areas at times when we have too many other projects going.    Thanks for introducing yourself.