Hot Springs Arkansas Investment Climate

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.  

I am searching for someone who is familiar with, has contact with investors in, or is an investment focused realtor in Hot Springs Arkansas.

I'd like to have a preliminary discussion on topics like if there are reputable wholesalers, if you feel the market is dying or growing, if certain areas are terrible for investors, versus others with a decent rent rate to purchase cost ratio, safe areas, not so safe areas, some miscellaneous topics like the legality of different methods such as lease option, contract for deed, etc. What tourism is like, preferred lake destinations, and so on. Just a bunch of general questions to attempt to get an idea of the general environment before doing true market research.  

I'd love to make contacts for joint venture folks, investment minded realtors, wholesalers,  maybe contractors, and in general start to build a little network.  Anyone got any information or opinions?


Hi Ro . I live in Hot Springs. I would love to do some JV deals. Give me a call or email and I can answer your questions. Look forward to talking with you! It won't let me post my email or phone number here. My email address is on my profile.

Amanda Cates

Ro Carter and Amanda Cates, If you do rehabs and flips in Hot Springs area I own a granite company and do work in that area quite frequently.  I have access to really good prices on builder grade granite, and some exotics from time to time.  I am currently working with a few of our contractors and investor guys to give them good deals on the material and we do the labor.  I can give a list of clients we have worked with..

Amanda, do you have an investor in the trailer park or did you do it yourself. I have 7 rent houses and a duplex. I have been looking at a trailer park locally and was curious about it. If you have any advice I would love to hear it.