Question on Arkansas Wholesaling

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So first of all, let me say I am a new investor and this is my first post on BP. I am currently in the strategic planning stage at the moment as I look for which options best fit my needs and abilities. I am located in the Hot Springs area but I am not at all locked into purchasing here. I have contacts in Fort Smith (where I grew up), Fayetteville (where I've lived for the last few years), and here around Central Arkansas so I'm open to any of these areas.

So that being said, I have a couple questions regarding wholesaling in Arkansas. I am not looking to get into wholesaling rather find people who are currently doing wholesaling in Arkansas.

1) I've read in a few BP posts that wholesaling is illegal in Arkansas. Is this true?

2) If it is legal, where should I be looking/networking to meet these wholesalers?

The wholesalers that I work with I met on Facebook, BIggerPockets, and at real estate meet-ups.  

I suggest going and adding every group about real estate investing in your area that you can find on Facebook.  Most of it won't be any good but every now and then there is something worthwhile.  

I agree with Chris. Most of the wholesalers that I have encountered have been through Facebook Marketplace. I see homes posted in Hot Springs a lot. Also check Craigslist, Craigslist isn’t used nearly as much as Facebook, but there are several wholesalers who consistently post there. Good luck! 

@Derek Madden From my experience, many of the properties they will offer you aren't going to be what you are looking for.  It's good to have as many wholesalers as you can sending you properties.  Just ask every one of them to add you to their distro.  

We have a Real Estate Investor's Meet up once a month in Hot Springs. Unfortunately, we are not meeting due to the covid19 pandemic. However, I can put you in contact with wholesalers who attend the meetup. PM me.