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Hello BP!

I am either looking to join or start a new Mastermind group in San Diego.

I have invested in real estate for 15 years. Through the ups and downs, I have 40+ units in the portfolio. I manage my units.

I am looking to take the next step to 100+ units, so I am looking for a smaller group of seasoned investors who are making the same journey. I have been to the SDCIA etc, but while inspiring at times, I find them mostly geared toward beginners and flippers.

Are there any experienced investors looking to go to the next level already meeting, or interested in starting a new group?

Here's hoping that 2015 is even better than 2014!

Ahmad, I see you have some out of state properties, what made you pick Ohio?

Larisa, I see you are a broker/agent, but your profile doesn't list your RE portfolio. Do you invest in single family/multi family/local/out of state?


I was living in San Diego over the summer. I discovered a number of REIA groups through Meetup. Google Meetup and search real estate in San Diego and I'm sure you'll be able to find a number of groups that meet weekly.

Hey my name is Roger and I would like to work for you for free. I am open to any position you have available for me, I am a fast learner, hard worker, and eager to learn this industry. My phone number is 619-636-2695

Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you. 

John McLaughlin, I am local realtor and investor. I was born and raised in Carlsbad and wanted to see if you could use any help with selling your SFRs or finding some multi-unit properties. Call/text 760-583-2226 or ~Kara
Originally posted by @Kara Courtney :
John McLaughlin, I am local realtor and investor. I was born and raised in Carlsbad and wanted to see if you could use any help with selling your SFRs or finding some multi-unit properties.

Call/text 760-583-2226 or


Kara I am an investor from Mississippi. My company buys and sells 3-5 properties a month throughout the Jackson area. Do you have any buyers interested in out of state properties all the properties we have get between 15%-30% cap rates. Also the average sale price for our properties here are between $20,000-$40,000. Please contact me at 601-207-4033 if you have interested buyers. Thanks for your help.

Hi @Erik Nowacki !

I am new to RE investing, but very interested in making my first multifamily purchase in the very near future. If you are open to letting a noob join your mastermind, I would love to participate and contribute in anyway I can (maybe help setup or organize the mastermind group/meeting?).


Account Closed and is focused on people who own rental properties.

There are many forums for newbies, SDCIA, NSDREI etc, but fewer forums for more experienced investors.  So don't stay a newbie for too long, jump in and buy something...  :-)  Then come and join us.


DISCLAIMER:  Please do your homework before actually buying something!

@Erik Nowacki thank you for the reply and I'm doing my homework and getting ready to jump in the investing game! Thanks for the investment club recommendations, I signed up to attend a couple after receivng your message :)

Eric: I realize this thread is about 4 years old, but just returned to SD about a year ago from the East Coast. A quick Google search of "San Diego Real Estate Masterminds" led me to it. My research does not indicate any RE mastermind groups in SD, though a few one or two day "training" mastermind seminars come up (not what I am looking for). I have been a member of SDCIA for many years, and it is a great group - especially for newbies and for flippers, as you indicated. I feel like I am on the cusp of "outgrowing" SDCIA to a certain extent, and am seeking a SD mastermind group where everyone is regularly accountable and keeps everyone else accountable for progress in RE. I am a buy and hold guy of 13 units (SFRs, condos, duplex, ADUs), with fat equity given when I bought, and think I have wrung out all of the value-ad plays that can be done in this SD market (or maybe not?). Did that mastermind ever get started?

Originally posted by @Travis Hill :

Timothy: I have attended a couple meetups through eventbrite. There are a lot of meetups going on weekly around SD.

 It'd be interesting to find out from OP if he ever went to a meeting, ever pulled the trigger, etc.   In fact, it would be super intersting to go to people that posted something similar to this x years ago ("I want to get started in RE!") and see what % do. 

Originally posted by @Eric R. Dehner :

@Cody L. Random Q for you Cody. Do you have a good gardener you’d recommend? Need one for my mother in laws home in North Park?

I do not...  While my house in San Diego has a yard, I do most of the land scaping.  The only thing I don't do is the every-other-week mow/blow/go that's done by a guy who does several homes in this neighbhood.  He's just a in-and-out in 30 min type of guy and doesn't really go out of this little area. 


I'm hosting a real estate investors meetup on November 5th at our downtown office. ADUGeeks will also be here to talk about ADUs. Everything from Financing to permitting to building, etc..

I have posted the event here on Bigger Pockets. It's free to attend but there is a limited number of tickets available due to space. You'll need to sign up with through the Eventbrite link provided.

If anyone is interested let me know and I'll share the link.