East Bay & North Bay Meetups?

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Hi Everyone,

I am relocating back to the Bay Area and am seeking networking connections.  Are there any upcoming East Bay meetups or North Bay/wine country?  

I am an architect and have done a few beautiful, profitable flips in the East Bay and SF several years ago and am looking forward to getting back into the area.  Feel free to connect with me if you have shared interests or are seeking partnerships.  

Thanks all,

Amy McNamara

Hey there,

I'm also in architecture looking for meet ups and simply people to talk to about REI in the east bay. Would love to know if there are any meetups happening anytime soon.



Try looking up B.A.W.B. (Bay Area Wealth Builders). There on linked-in and Meet-up. The meeting is held once a month in Corte Madera at the Best Western Inn. There is also another smaller REIA called Sonoma County Real Estate Investors Meetup thats held in Rohnert Park. There is a meeting tonight there at Terra Vino Pizza in the back room. 6314 Commerce Blvd (was Round Table Pizza), Rohnert Park, CA

Thank you Kyle for the info. I too am looking for some networking groups here in the area. 

@J. Martin runs meetups in Oakland. Check it out, he's a quality guy!

Check out J. M.'s meet up group: http://www.meetup.com/REmeetup/
Their next meeting is in San Francisco's Financial District on April 22nd.

Hey Guys, Im organizing a meet up in downtown Oakland. Its going to be in mid July. Let me know if you would be interested and I can send you some details. A photo of the event space is below! 

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