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I've seen this setup for Orange County or LA but never San Diego. I think its about time we setup a meeting and get some of us all face to face. Get introduced, learn what resources we have right here in our own back yards. 

Planning for somewhere central on a weekday evening in two to three weeks from now. Figured I'd test interest and get to work on this. 

So... Who's down? Shoot me a PM and we can get started. 

I m definitely in! 

My schedule is crazy thou I m out of town a lot for work. Let me know what I can do to help

I'm game.  Happy to help arrange it, otherwise simply tell me where and when.  There are plenty of nice places to meet here in Coronado!

Thanks for getting this idea going Tim!

Where are all of our San Diego investors, agents, realtors, lenders, rehabbers, flippers, wholesalers at?  This is a great idea for the San Diego area in addition to the investment clubs that already exist.  Like minded people getting together to increase our knowledge and expand our network can and will lead to new success.  

Keywords to improve reach: wholesale, wholesaling, newbie, SD, southern California, so cal, landlord, turn-key, out-of-state, cash buyers, hard money, private money, private lending, multi-family, direct mail marketing, door knocking, probate, evictions, tenants.  

@Cristina Ruffini @Account Closed looking forward to meeting you both.  If you have friends or colleagues who may be interested in this meetup please invite them so we can make this happen.  Making use of the @ symbol for your colleagues is a great way to invite BP members.

I would really enjoy the possibility to meet like minded individuals and see what I can learn about what's working in our market also to network and develop. Keep me updated.

I am interested, just let me know when and where.

I'm interested. Let me know when and where.

Cool! Glad this is getting some traction. We have two options, parlay this into another local REI meeting which we have three to choose from. Or make it our own thing whenever.

Once we get a little more input we can select something. Plan for maybe two to three weeks from now. 

Thanks for throwing the topic out there, @Tim Gordon and anyone else who volunteers).

3. If it's going to be 20 people or less, we just have an informal dinner, introductions, and networking.  If it's more than that, we figure out how to put some structure so everyone gets to meet folks they'll be excited to meet.

Personal opinion: it probably doesn't make sense to ultimately aim for a separate organization outside the existing REI groups, but we all have BiggerPockets in common and it'd be nice to meet others on here. I'd guess that folks also involved in the various REI groups would also happen to attend this meetup, so folks would know at least one person when they attend their next local REI meeting.

I'm down for any place as long as its free and we buy food and drinks to give the establishment a reason to put up with us. 

My guess is we'll be in the 10-20 range, OC and LA always have more hustlers and OC is central to LA and IE so it easily draws more people. Don't ask me why, we're all busy surfing! 

hello! I'm new and I'm very interested in meeting other investors. I'm happy to offer up time to help in any way. Please feel free to contact me as you start planning.

thanks for putting out the suggestion!

@Justin R. Great input.  As @Tim Gordon mentioned, it seems like this first meet up will probably be a smaller group in the 10-20 range unless this thread really picks up.  I like point #3 of meeting up at a local spot for dinner and drinks to network.  

I think what's most important is to take the first step and get a meet-up going.  We can then see where it grows organically from there with all the ideas that get thrown around at the meet-up.

I am defintely interested

@Marcell Z. I agree. I think a smaller meeting to start at a local restaurant is a good idea. Somewhere central sounds good to me.

@Tim Gordon What's up Justin? The BP chat system is down, but we can continue that discussion soon.

Looking forward to meeting everyone else at this meeting. 

I'm down if I'm in town. Will spread the word to some of my BP partners.

It sounds like the point of this meetup is to have one in San Diego, so I'm not sure doing it in the OC makes any sense. I like the Kearney Mesa idea for a SD meetup. I'm totally up for meeting local BP folks and seeing if we can make some deals happen together. Someone just pick a day, time n place and let's go. 

Add to to list for meetup.

New to the San Diego. Count me in, this sounds like a great idea.

Awesome input Here's what we'll start with. 

When: May 6th at 6:30pm- 8:30pm with time for people to stay longer if they like. 

Location: TBD

I'll setup some form of email opt in tomorrow so people can be kept up to speed on this. 

Game plan being to allow each attendee to have a few minutes to share who they are and what they are doing. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know. I guess the main goal I see initially is getting people face to face and aware of what we are doing in real estate. 

If anyone is interested in a forum where to socialize and network with other investors, there is a monthly meet up in the San Diego Area of which I am proud to be a member. It is called FIBI (which stands for: For Investors, By Investors.)

We meet at the Del Mar Hilton on the first Thursday of every month. Doors open at 6pm. The founders of this meet up, Mr. Darrell Kucan and Imran Clark are experienced and successful investors, always bringing in top-notch guest speakers. There is so much learning and networking to do at this meetup! There are a few minutes of Q&A at the end of each meeting and afterwards the members head out into the bar area in the lobby and network over drinks (optional). I've learned a lot and made some connections there... You might want to consider trying it out. Its actually fun! Though I must let you ahead of time, there is a $20 admission fee which helps pay for the venue... Just a thought, for those of you out there who maybe interested. You will find this and other great RE meet up groups at

Thanks Javier. 

There is also SDCIA which is tonight in Mission Valley at the Scottish Rite Center. 

In total there are three clubs in San Diego worth seeing. FIBI, SDCIA and NSDREI all of which take on a more audience and presenter role. 

In the spirit of BP we'll focus for now on just getting everyone introduced and allow for some high quality face to face networking. A lot of the clubs want you seated and quiet for the majority of the meetings, listening to just one person. Still great resources but I doubt many of us can keep quiet that long! I want to meet and talk with as many people as possible and that should work out really well in this setting. 

This is a great idea, I'm absolutely in. Thank you @Justin R. for the heads up about the meetup. Looking forward to meeting everyone, happy investing!

I've been waiting on one of these to happen. Great idea @Tim Gordon

Count me in! Let me know when and where.

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