Networking in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area

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Hello BP community!

My boyfriend and I live in the Oakland/Alameda area and are interested in RE Investing. We have been in "sponge" mode for the last few months - relentlessly devouring the BP podcasts and forums, reading books on the subject, and taking anyone we know in RE out to lunch to pick their brains. Now we want to open it up to the larger BP community. Here's our deal: 

Who are we? We're both in our late twenties and we both hold jobs while training for the Olympic rowing team. We've been representing Team USA at World Championships/Olympic Games for the past nine years, and are likely transitioning out of training in the next few years. We originally moved to the Bay Area for the training center that's here, and now we like it so much we want to stay. We want to go into Real Estate Investing once we're done competing. We're competitive people that like that a challenge and are driven to see a project through. 

So far we're thinking of starting with multi-family residential in Alameda/Oakland and going from there, but we're open to ideas. If you know the area, have thoughts about the market, or are interested in having your lunch paid for in exchange for advice or ideas about the market, financing, strategies, etc. - let's do it. We want to network in the area and learn. 

By the way, we're going to the Meetup in SF next week - so maybe we'll see some of you there. 


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