New heating systems vs forced air?

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I was wondering what folks experience is with the new units for heating that attach to the ceiling? Fujitsu 24000 BTU heat pump/air conditioning vs central  heat through out the house-propane.  I live in the Santa Cruz Mtns and A/c is not used much except for short periods in the summer.  The quote I rec was for 2 ceiling units, (which did not heat/ac the entire house but main bedroom and living room areas) vs the central heat that would do all of my 2 br 2 bath home.  I hear the ceiling units are very economical but the warranty is not as long 5-7 yrs as the central heat -10 yrs- but is more costly due to the cost of propane.  I am planning on turning the house over to a rental property within the next few years but currently my only heat is a wall furnace and a fireplace!  burr! Thanks kindly ! Gayle

If I had to pick between those two I would probably go with the Fujitsu units. Propane is ridiculously expensive and volatile in pricing. Is there a reason you can't use a regular heat pump instead of a propane unit? If you're going to be using all electricity for the split systems, why not go all electric for a whole house system? 

I didn't know that was an option.....but it would be nice to have A/c when needed.  I was also told that the units can be removed to other homes!  Gayle

I don't have personal experience with the ceiling units, but I am in a similar situation. All electric house in the Santa Cruz mountains, crappy wall furnace, but a good wood stove. If you only have a regular fireplace, and not an airtight wood stove, you are really missing out. 

Consider if your tenants would pay all utilities or not. In our area, we can get a better electric rate if the house is all electric. Propane delivery at our individual location is a pain too. 

If you want a warm toilet seat, you probably need central heat or a really fancy toilet...

Yes. We are in same boat.  Fireplace really tired of building fires!  Propane is outrageous.  I may go with the units, they have a/c as well and the house is only 1100 sf.  A warm toilet seat really would be nice,

Having AC for the couple weeks you need it does sound like a nice bonus. This conversation got me searching. Apparently, true luxury is only $50 away

The name is pretty good too. Best of luck to you in your upgrades!

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