Bay Area Furnished Rental Owners Referral Group?

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Anybody have furnished rentals in the bay area and want to form a referral group of some sorts? I often times get people inquiring about my units, but they're not a good fit either due to price or size. I'd love to be able to find a group of people to send referrals to and form a mutually beneficial partnership with.

PM me if interested. I'm located in Mountain View and Palo Alto.

HI Andrew, We are up in fremont. Adding on to our property which would allow for 2 rooms that can be furnished as rentals. Wondering how fremont would do for furnished rentals. What types of rentals are you seeing beneficial (weekly, nightly, Airbnb?) Thanks,Vandana

Hey Andrew how are you getting people that don't match your size? I use mostly Air bnb so people know before they book. 

Originally posted by @Andrew Wong :

@Chris Moore, sometimes corporations looking for companies reach out to me, or I reach out to them.

  That's awesome, I was curious about that before I made my unit an Air bnb, I would be happy to be involved and work with you on this.