Looking for Vacation property around 2hr drive of Bay area

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Hello BP members,

Looking for a property below 200K with in 2hrs drive of Bay area. Would like to find a property with natural beauty to get away with kids on weekends. The property should be in good rental market and by able pay mortgage (with some down payment). The plan is to hire a property/vacation renal management company. Any suggestions?

Some areas that are in consideration : Arnold, Murphy, sierra areas, Gulala , mendicino area, sonoma, etc. 

I would look at Clear Lake, specifically Soda Bay. A little further than you probably want, but it's hard to find good vacation property in that price range.

@Vandana Rao - Let me know if you find something I can have army of folks jumping on.

Good Luck


@Charlie Brown , thanks. Its better to stay away from few part of clear lake. The price point can be higher if its good location. We can go in with a friend. Anything else that come to mind?

@Vivek Khoche , Sorry didn't get what you meant :) you have folk interested in this kind of property or that you have a team to do property management? 

@Vandana Rao - To your point - "Looking for a property below 200K with in 2hrs drive of Bay area." Send me as many as you don't need.

Good Luck


Below $200K within 2 hrs is tough.  There are a few properties to be had in the higher $200s to mid-$300s in the Russian River area where you could cover your mortgage through vacation rentals.  Lake Berryessa has good prices but a ban on short term rentals (as does all of Napa County minus a few licenses available in the city of Napa).  Clear Lake might hit your numbers - and there are some nice prices up there! - but I don't know enough about the rental market to vouch for it.  Heading east, most of the popular Gold Rush/Sierra towns are a bit over 2 hours.  There is the occasional fixer home/cabin under $200K but also a pretty rare beast.

@Vandana Rao , Yeah, It's tough to hit that number. @Leslie Bandy is right. Clear Lake, Lake Berryessa and probably best bets. Russian River homes are becoming more and more expensive, but are good Short Term Rentals that can more than cover mortgage.

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