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Hey everyone, I bought my first home USDA 0% down. Owe about $111k on it and roughly worth $155k. I then bought a second home with 5% down conventional for 78k. After remodel worth about 95k. The second will be rented and making $300 a month on top of the mortgage. What is the best option for me with small capital but steady income to acquire a 3rd home? HELOC on my primary residence and use the funds to put down on a new house? Any recommendations are appreciated I want to take some risk young and while rates are so low. Any advice on the next acquisition? Thanks in advance.

No idea, but this comment will bump your thread up, so maybe someone with a good thought will answer.

--I'm no expert--

Heloc is not a bad idea. seems like the most straightforward.

1) I just attended a real estate training and a lot of the old guys/gals all seemed to find an investor with deep pockets to fund their deals.  (since the problem will not go away if you do heloc)

2) Find homeowners who are moving OR unhappy landlords (door knocking seems to be the best option or    ... and see what you can do to solve their problem...   perhaps you can get an option to buy an unwanted property if you manage the property for a period of time and give them all the rents... or perhaps offer to turn their property into an AirBNB and guarantee a return of 30K over 3 years?) 10K payable on Dec 31 every year.

3) OR.. my favorite idea... go get a commissioned sales job (perhaps in the construction/remodel industry) since it sounds like you are handy. most contractors HATE bidding jobs and most would LOVE extra business.  from what I've heard 10% is an acceptable commission rate  (Pools, Roofing, Concrete seem to be the highest dollar value jobs - but painting, landscaping, fencing would seem the easiest to sell)

@Peter McLeod I would look into refinancing the first two properties via pulling equity out or a HELOC to use as capital for your third property. Take advantage of the historically low mortgage rates!

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