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Hello, I'm new to BP and looking to find an agent in the Sacramento, CA. area.  Does anyone have a good agent they can refer to me?  

If not, any recommendations on ways to find a reputable and good agent to work with to help a novice RE investor get their first property?

Thank you in advance!


happy to refer to local agent. You are welcome to pm me.

Talk with David Hutson, located in Elk Grove.  Here on BP also.  

@Paul K. ,

Evening Paul.  I'm a licensed agent who has lived in Sacramento for about 40 years.  I've had more than 10 local rentals and assisted others with finding homes.  

Feel free to message me with questions.  


Hello Paul,

I’ve been an agent in sacramento since 1990 and would be happy to help you. What do you need

I've personally been working with John Ecklein for the past few months. He is super responsive and will get you a walkthrough for any property on short notice. If you're aware of how important time can be when finding a deal then he is someone to should talk to. Message me with any questions. 

Best of luck!

@Paul K.

The most important thing for an investor to consider when selecting a real estate agent is that the agent UNDERSTANDS investing. 

Of course we all want an agent who is responsive, knowledgeable about the homebuying process, and is pleasant to work with, but if they don't understand your goals as an investor... none of that matters.

Ideally, you'd find someone who specializes in the investor "niche" and analyzes multiple deals per week for other clients so they'll have plenty of know-how to help you find a killer deal. 

May I inquire as to what kind of investment property you're buying? Single family? Multifamily? Buy and hold? Fix and flip? 

These answers will help us better point you in the right direction :-)

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