What's the best place to find quality tenants in LA?

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Hey BP Friends! I'm in escrow on my first duplex (first property as well), and I'll be living in one and renting the other. Any recommendations for posting my rental property? Westside rentals? Craigslist? Zillow? Etc? Also, any other "landlord" advice/wisdom is welcome :) Thank you.

Hey @Danny Farrell . Congratulations on your purchase!

For SFH and small investment properties (2-4 units) I would suggest you advertise on CL and Zillow. If you go through Zillow they have a free program where you can post your ad and syndicate to a number of sites where I have gotten great response from (i.e. Trulia and Hotpads). You can also use the program to post on CL. So you kill several birds with one stone!

I am not familiar with Westside rentals but I believe they cost money and the other sources will bring you leads for free. You will find out that 98% of your leads will come from either CL, Zillow, Trulia or Hotpads. Today's renters go to several sites to find your home. If you choose CL I would suggest you renew your post every 3 days to stay on top of the search.

Happy Leasing!

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