Looking to connect to people in the Bay Area / Silicon Valley

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I'd like to connect to people in California / Bay Area as I'm getting started in real estate investing (focused on commercial retail properties). About me: originally from Brazil, I have been in Silicon Valley for the last 18 years, my career has been in technology, specifically in sales, and after having hours upon hours of conversations with a friend who is a real estate investor for the last 20+ years, we came to the conclusion that real estate is the best and safest return for your investment. Starting this year, I committed to learning about real estate investing for 5 hrs/week and am now in the process of purchasing my first property. Looking forward to connecting with people in CA and sharing what we learn along the journey to success. 

Steph Bold

Congrats on making the move into the RE realm. One of my specialties is locating and securing off-market deals for my clients. Fix/flips, rentals, multi-unit, commercial, etc. Let me know if you have any questions!

Congrats on Your  first purchase . In addition to sight try and find a local meetup and investment club too. Happy to network and assist.

@Steph Bold I think you are in the right place to get started. Having started not too long ago myself, I would say keep on biggerpockets and see who comes up consistently in your area that seems to have good domain knowledge. Then, make the ask! People are always much more receptive to a phone call before something more time consuming, such as drinks. While it is always important to network, you have to be smart about your face-to-face time when REI isn't your full-time gig. Sounds like you are already moving in the right direction.

Hi @Steph Bold

I am originally from the bay area and am moving back. I have done a lot of research and am also looking to get in the market. Let me know if you ever want to talk more. 

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Thank you Chris. It looks like I am already connected with you so I will reach out when I get back to the bay area.