Tax Delinquent Roll - Los Angeles

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Hello BP Members!

This question goes out to all of the members that live in the Los Angeles area. I recently requested a tax delinquency roll of properties in the county from the treasury & tax department. After numerous phone calls i was provided the roll at an expense. Here is the issue, the information that is provided comes in an interesting format i have never seen before.  The format is ASCII with a pipe delimiter. I tried doing some back end research but it seems like ill have to decipher property by property which can take hours-days-months! Anyone familiar with this format or has had any luck converting it to something that is more organized or easily read? 

Thank you!

For anyone reading this! I sent this reponse over to phil in a private message. I guess ill open my question i sent to him to the public just in case someone has been in this same situation; 

Have you tried this yourself with the LA county Tax delinquent roll and the specific format it comes in? If so do you know the way its organized meaning the fields? The reason why i ask is because right now im stuck between two lead sources; The first one being LA COUNTY tax roll. The benefit is that its cheap, and it provideds all of the tax delinquent properties in LA COUNTY but its non specific and doesnt show any specific criteria im looking for (2-4 years delinquent with some equity, SFR). Im worried im going to be spending a ton of time sorting these leads. The second option is AGENTPRO24/7 which charges me 25cents a lead but allows me to get more specific in criteria such as 40% equity and between 2-4 years delinquent. The only issue is using this method, one city in LA county would cost me the whole tax delinquent roll from the county itself. any suggestions?  Also my main purpose for this list is really to be used a cross reference list between a few other lists im using.