CA Roomate of Previous Owner Refusing to Vacate

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Need some advice I have not been in this specific situation... We purchased a property in CA that closed 3 weeks ago, the previous owner had a roommate (paying below market rent) for a room in the home, he provided him 30 day notice to vacate the property as he was a month-to-month tenant. Today was supposed to be the final day they occupied the property and we were just notified by the previous owner that the roommate was refusing to leave the property. Trying to figure out best course of action to get the roommate out legally as well as hold the owner accountable for not delivering the property on the date per the contract.

I don't think there is much you can hold the old owner too. the proper way to handle this would have been to request the house be delivered vacant and then refuse to close until its vacant. you accepted the house under the condition it was, which was one room rented out. you now have a tenant that is refusing to pay rent. you will have to lawyer up and evict. I hope you got a good deal on the house, because its now not as good.

if you want to avoid eviction, consider cash for keys or a myriad of other similar techniques to try to get the tenant to leave