How to get an adopted tenant out in CA

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Hi BP folks,

I got my approval and am actively bidding in Los Angles for my first property. Most properties I come across have tenants in place and since I'm house hacking, at least one vacant unit is written into my bids. The legalese around getting a tenant out for renovations to up the rents are grey area. Does anyone know the legal way to get tenants out in California? I'm a newbie here so any help is welcomed.



Hi there, I am an escrow officer, not an investor or landlord, but from what I know, your biggest issue will be rent control and their related requirements. To vacate a tenant in a rent control area, requires time and more can read more here:

@Jonathan Taylor , the Los Angeles City rent control scheme does have an exception for an intended, owner-occupied unit to allow for an eviction of that unit.  The process can be complicated and costly but could make sense for the right property.  Most rent-controlled cities or jurisdictions have exceptions or processes for an owner-occupant to evict and occupy one unit.  Search Los Angeles rent control landlord occupancy for more information.  Other than that, you can do an Ellis Act eviction if you intend to take all of the units off the rental market and to offer them for sale.  That process is even more complicated and costly though.

I'm currently in the eviction process for our tenants who were inherited in our rent control duplex. Send me a message if you want to know our process for eviction and I'll share my eviction lawyer's contact info with you to too. 

While some tenants may act like children at times, I doubt adoption is possible or helpful.