Self Storage / New Investor in LA area

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I'm George, new to Bigger Pockets, and new to Real Estate Investing as well.  I have spent a great deal of time the past month preparing to take the plunge into real estate. I believe that Self-Storage is the niche for me, more so, investing in a Class B or C property with a distressed/motivated seller.. 

I would love to know if anyone on here in California has experience in this specific niche of Real Estate (Self-Storage) - and if so - if you're willing to share some of your experiences either over this thread, over the phone, or over a cup of coffee. I am based in LA. Even if you're not from California and would like to share some stories, I'm all ears.

I am not seeking out a mentor, but simply seeking out some discussion and conversation. 

Thanks and looking forward to it!


I like that you looked into value add neighborhoods. self storage is a real niche . Do you have mentor that is providing some good direction?

Hi Jo-Ann,  I'm excited about the possibilities within this self storage niche. I do not have a mentor - I do have friends who have some experience in the Real Estate world I can lean against - however they live on the east coast.  That said, I'm all ears, looking to soak up as much knowledge as I can!

Hey George!

Welcome to the wonderful World of Self Storage.  It's an excellent niche of an Asset Class and has been very good to me and my family.

Hopefully we'll meet in-person soon and then we can have that cup of coffee and a conversation on "all things Self Storage".

Best of luck to you!


Hi Scott!

Thank you! I have had nothing but a positive learning experience thus far. I hope to have similar positive results myself - I would love to join you for a cup of coffee anytime! I'm in LA.

I have had many recommendations to look into your training - looks like a great system and like you've really got it figured out.  Thanks again for the kind words and I hope to chat soon.

Hi Scott, I am not experienced in the Self-Storage world, but I am interested. Specifically, about a month ago I went to rent a Self-Storage place and was told by the employee that it is a great business. in fact, she said casually that the late fees alone cover for all the expenses...