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New member question again. I introduced myself as being from Santa Cruz, CA, and looking to invest in Bend Oregon. I think the expert opinion was, 'not a great idea', so let me try a different approach.

Is there an meetup for folks with my situation - seemingly the opposite of a lot of members? I want to invest in an area where real estate is less expensive than my home town. If you are from Silicon Valley, you know what I mean.

I have not yet bought a rental property, but would like to meet up with others who are absentee landlords, specifically living in Monterey Bay or Silicon Valley. Personal interest in BRRRR, but happy to learn/grow with others with the same mindset - turn compensation in the Silicon Valley market into real estate in another.

If you're not from around these parts - a starter home in Santa Cruz is bumping $900K.

I'd like to discuss location, building a remote team, and the like.

Any interest?