Is it advised to build a house ground up in Bay Area?

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I have been actively looking to buy a house in Bay Area from last few months and couldn't find anything that suits my taste or budget. So, I am just wondering if it makes sense to build a home to my needs. However, I don't have any experience and this would be my first home. I am looking for some inputs from experts if it makes sense to build a home? How hard is it to get permits? How long would the whole process takes? What are the current per sft construction costs?

Cities: San Jose, Fremont or Milpitas

SFT: 2000 - 2500 



@Sundeep Yerramreddy   I'd plan on $300/sf if not more depending on materials, design, etc.   Cities are reasonable about permits.  Just make sure you use someone who is familiar with that particular city.  Plan on a year, perhaps longer.