Anyone up for East Bay meetup?

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Throwing a line out there for anyone who's down for a beer or coffee and discuss real estate! My interests are buy and hold for cash flow, but I've been floating around the idea of wholesaling in the Bay Area. I'm located in San Ramon in the East Bay.

Also, if you have a group, REIA, or investors club let me know, I'm interested!

I have a 2 no-show policy. Anyone with 2 no-shows will be removed from group. It is unfair to me, to other members waiting to get in, and to the restaurant, to NOT show up, or to cancel at the last minute. I appreciate everyone's understanding on this.

Wow, awesome to see so many locals interested! 

So I see San Ramon, Dublin, Livermore, SJ, and some others a bit further out.

I think Pleasanton sounds like a decent middle ground to meet? Let me know if this location woks for you.

As for a time, most week nights work for me. Saturdays usually all day free. Throw me out your availabilities and I'll piece something together!

You guys, I forgot I have a Stanford football tailgate commitment this Saturday! 

Can we do the next one, 11/17? 

Can give more people time to plan, too..

Hey all, Pleasanton/Pick6 sounds great!  Can we get a little lead time?  Perhaps say December 8th?

I'm happy to run point with sending calendar invites if people want to DM me their emails, or if someone else wants to run point that would be fine too.... either way.