Looking for a partner

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My husband and I are looking for a partner (financier) who can help us structure a deal to buy our duplex from our landlord.  Our landlord is going through a divorce and is not in a good place.  We are first time home buyers and looking to someone who is interested in helping people find their home and we would want him/her to make money.  We do not have details as the landlord just dropped this on us, but if you are interested we can certainly have a conversation.


@Kel Richards ..are you certain you can't qualify to buy the duplex yourselves, or is this just assumed?  Has there been anything that's deterred you from that avenue first?  Just throwing it out there.  If so, then the conversation of an investor coming in somehow and helping you would be of topic.  

jared...first if all there is the down payment requirement which we do not have.  Second, we are not experienced negotiating term with a landlord that is going thru personal anguish.  We need a third party to assist and the duplex is valued at over 1.3 million in zillow we don't think we can qualify.