Airbnb questions in San Jose

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Was wondering if anyone had experience with renting out a bedroom on Airbnb and was wondering how often it was booked up (3 times a week, 18 nights out of a month? etc) and how seasonal it is. Particularly wondering about the Berryessa and Milpitas, East, North areas. 

I think I may know you personally when I was in Midwest.

I know someone who manages an AirBnB unit (SFH) in East San Jose and their are actually a short-term rental management company trying to run in the Bay Area. According to them, their unit got 90+% or 95+% (I forgot which one) occupancy rate. Their unit is a 5-BR rented out by rooms, each for $50-60 a day.

I also know someone who rents out a bedroom in his owner-occupied townhouse in Berryessa, but don't know how well it went.

But basically there's a shortage for hotels and the demand is good.

I would be happy to connect with those people. Just PM me.