Real Estate Friendly Business Banks in NorCal

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Hi, all. I've just set up an LLC for investment holding purposes (owning other LLCs for real estate and other assets). I'd love to know what types of services I should be looking for in banks that offer business checking/savings accounts. Referrals in the Bay would be great! (Peninsula or San Jose).

Also, besides bank accounts, what other types of services should I be asking about (e.g. asset management, % of customers who invest in RE, etc.)? I have in mind building long-term relationships with my potential relationship manager and bank. Hence, I would like to step on the right foot and build my relationship with them on a high note, so I want to ensure that it's a win-win for both the banker and me and not waste their time.

Appreciate your feedback!

@Kendric Ng I started investing from the bay area and move out of california this year. I would check with your local credit union. Many of them have business banking servics and they do portfolio lending for real estate. You want to find a bank or credit union that can carry the loans for you so you don't have to worry about Fannie and Freddie. I'd also try to understand their lending requirements and rates. They vary between different credit unions. You may have to understand what you are willing to work with. For our portfolio, we pay slightly higher rates, but our lenders work quick and aren't as strict as some you'll find out there. We're still able to do 80% LTV post-COVID. It also helps to understand what their minimum debt ratio is for rental properties. We also prefer 30 year loans. Some banks only do 5-7 year terms with 30 year amortization with the balloon payment at the end.

At the end of the day, pick which bank best suits your goals. If you end up finding a bank that does everything you need, but the rates are a bit high (like ours) just write it into your offer analysis. There are always ways to make sure you account for the terms. The beauty of working with the same lenders is that you will be able to learn how they underwrite and you can optimize your business based on that.

Best of luck!