my tenant trim my fruit tree badly can I take desposit.

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My tenant recently moved out and I found he trimmed all branches off my 20 year old fig tree and top it badly. 
can I take money from his deposit as a compensation? 
the tenant also maintained my yard for which I pay him $70 a month. 
i was told by the other gardener that my tree will prone to disease and insect because of bad topping. 
photo is before and after. 

I'm inclined to agree with Dustin--if you were to pursue this and the tenant fought it, it would be very hard for you to prove that the tenant was negligent. Opinions on whether a tree trim was bad or not can be very subjective (every time I get estimates from tree trimmers their opinions are all over the place), and unless the tenant was a professional tree trimmer, 'you get what you pay for'.

I'd take the lesson learned, and use a professional in the future for tree trimming or do it yourself.