Solar Financial Incentives in CA

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Hi all,

I am in the process of buying a duplex in San Diego. It needs a roof replacement, electrical work, potential addition of mini-split AC units, and windows are OK but could use update.

I understand there is the 26% federal tax credit for solar installations. However, I have a few additional questions that I'm unclear on, and hoping someone here at BP has been through this and shed some light!

  1. What all can be included in the tax credit? I understand the solar panels and installation costs, as well as the costs to bring electrical panel up to allow solar. However, I have heard that other energy efficiency improvements can be bundled as well, potentially including HVAC and windows. Does anyone know if these are included?
  2. Could the roof replacement be included?
  3. Is anyone aware of other financial incentives in the state of CA for these categories of work? They are all involved with improving energy efficiency, and I figured CA would be all over incentivising this type of investment, but I have not seen that much actually out there...

I appreciate any knowledge you all can share!

- Dave