Online resources for ADU & Remodel Questions

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My wife and I are in escrow on a property in the Santa Barbara CA area, we are research the most efficient way to get plans done for the fixer upper we just bought. I found housable online as a resource for an ADU (we were debating building this first so we can live in it while we remodel the house) has anyone ever used Housable. If so could you give a review of the service provided? Hard to find reviews online that don't seem like they are coming directly from the housable website themselves.

Also if you have any recs that are similar for the actual remodel of the primary residence as well that would be much appreciated. 

Hi Javier, I live/work in Santa Barbara and "efficient" isn't the best word to describe our planning and permitting process haha. If the lot already has an existing home, you should be able to go the ADU route, which is expedited thanks to the State law, but don't expect it to be super quick and seamless. I'm not familiar with Housable, but it looks to be just some sort of referral engine that will send you to any builders or architects who pay them to do so. I would rely on local recommendations first, of which I have a few. For the remodel, it totally depends on the scale and scope of the work, but I have lots of resources if you'd like to shoot me a PM.

Hey Javier. I went through the ADU permitting process last year and had Vanguard Planning help me with the process. As Lucas said, it definitely isn't a seamless or fast process, but Jarrett Gorin and the folks at Vanguard are super knowledgeable and well connected which eases the pain significantly. It took us about 6-months between the time we initiated the process until final inspection (5 months until we had building permits). It could be that the process has sped up some since this was right after the new ADU laws passed, and during peak COVID time; but then again the housing market has been so crazy that it could be the other way. Give Jarrett a call. It will be worthwhile whether you use their services or not. Happy to chat more about my experience if interested.