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Hi everyone! My name is Andrew Rottner, my wife and 6 month old boy currently reside in Philadelphia, but we are moving to Boulder, Colorado where I lived for 8 years and where my wife is from. I am wrapping up my licensure course and starting a job with an Agent in the Boulder area doing lead generation and ultimately work as a buyers agent and I want to meet and network with more realtors and investors! I am particularly interested in getting involved in flipping houses as a way of making income. I would love to connect with anyone in the area who might be interested in connecting. Let me know! 

@Andrew Rottner  Good call on moving to CO. My fiancee and are are likely moving there within the next few years once she finishes up with school, either when she places for residency, or afterwards. Maybe I'll see you out there!

25 year old carpenter here. I live in Boulder and am interested in learning more about real estate and am looking to make some connections.  Shoot me an email. 

@Andrew Rottner Welcome to BP, and Congrats on moving to Colorado! I am an Real Estate Broker in the Fort Collins area, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I know @Dan Mackin works down in your soon to be area, he might be a good person to connect with about your investment or brokering goals.  Best of luck to you!

Welcome to BP Andrew!  Also, welcome to Colorado!  Let me know if you need anything.


@Linda Weygant when and where is this next meeting? I'm ready to learn this business! 

Welcome to CO! I am in Longmont and am in the buy and hold business, but would like to do a flip or two as well. Get in touch when you move out here.


Hey Andrew, I'm based in Boulder and a real estate broker at KW.  I have buy and holds and have been working a few flips on the side.  Get in touch when you get into town!

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