Reputable Contractors and Structural Engineers in Denver

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I am looking for contractors that have experiences in building additions and pop tops in Denver. I am also looking for experienced structural engineers. You references will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


@Irene Darville - do you have a specific project or are you just wanting names for your team? It's hard to give out names for a team because it tends to waste contractors' and engineers' time when with the newbies calling them asking them for costs for this and that hypothetical situation. If you have a project (an address with a scope of work) then post that back and I'm sure some folks will be able to send folks your way.

I know it's a chicken/egg situation but the time for the people who do the work is valuable and they are very busy now.

Thank you Bill for the insight. 

what I'm actually looking for is an estimate of what it will cost me per square foot  to take on an addition/pop top project in Denver right now. 

Do you have an idea or know someone who does? Thanks!

I came across this website recently.

Thank you Jake, I'll go there right away! 

@Irene Darville not to beat a dead horse but again it really varies. It's a bit like asking, "What does it cost to put a new engine in my car?" Again how big is the addition? What is in the addition? For example a bed room addition costs less than a master bed/bath addition. A kitchen addition costs more than a master bed/bath addition. A small addition costs more per square foot than a large addition.

Your best bet would be to find a couple projects in the neighborhood you want to do it in and hunt down the people that did them and see what it cost them and then back into the cost per square foot. Keep in mind that if you change neighborhoods and deviate from the list of improvements your costs can change significantly.

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