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Can anyone recommend a good RE attorney in the Denver area? Maybe someone on the "affordable" (not necessarily cheap) side. I've combed the forums and contacted several of the previous recommendations, Parham, Goldberg, Hatch etc, but am not having much luck finding someone currently accepting clients. Thanks!

Hi Jake,

I have used Tim Schafer at Schafer, Thomas and Maez to setup LLC and other minor items. They are located in Broomfield, I don't know the phone number.

@Jake Silcott did you ask those folks for references if they weren't taking new clients. Also it helps when approaching established folks to have work for them. Something like, hey I need wrap and subject to documents. Those that do these have them already done up so it's easy money for them to slide them your way. At that point, you are now their client so while they may not be "taking new clients" it's hard for them to turn away work.

@Bill S. , good points, and thanks for the insight. Yes, I have made it clear that I have work for them right now (JV agreement) and I haven't really asked the "are you taking new clients" question. So far most just don't respond, or perhaps are taking a very long time to respond. I suppose there is a lot of business to be had these days. Contacted a few more this morning.

@John Jenkins, thanks for the recommendation.

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