Looking for Colorado apartment developer

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Anybody have experience with an active apartment developer in CO?  I know Denver is HOT HOT HOT but this is a project 2 hours to the west in a smaller, but equally hot market.

Speculating on 1.4 acres with old farm homes on site but seeking developers opinion.

@Ryan K. not sure that your post wouldn't get more traction in the "market place" but you have to be a pro member to post there. 

Your best bet is to do some driving around and get names from the property location. I'm not sure how many units you can put on 1.4 acres. Scale is important in apartments. The complex needs to be large enough to support on-site staff or most money people won't buy in to the project. 

Builders are very busy in Denver so getting them to pack up and go to Eagle/Vail is a reach that most don't want to tackle. Local is your best bet. 

Also make sure zoning supports your proposed improvements. If it doesn't then don't even bother trying.

Thanks for the input Bill. It's Rural Res but designated for future high density development. Change in zoning is unlikely, it would have to be an approved PUD for the site.

If anyone has an apartment developer connection, I'd appreciate it.  It's a vision at this point, still in the research phase.  Just as with any project, lots of puzzle pieces need to come together.

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