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Hi everyone!

New to the forums, moved to Denver 3 years ago from NYC, and just got into a house-hack duplex townhouse with my fiancé in Aurora, so I've got the itch.

As I started looking into the market, I've made the rookie move to look at the least expensive areas. I've been to Pueblo previously on business, and know that PEDCO (Pueblo Economic Development Corporation) is throwing tax benefits and grants for companies to move there as they try to remodel their economy. Growth has been lacking considering their goals of adding 500 jobs last year, but crime is down, and cannabis taxes are being used to drive their education initiatives at nearby colleges. The city is addressing their issues.

I've recently read that "outside agents" are starting to show Pueblo to interested buyers from as far out as CO Springs.

Does anyone know a resource or point-person that I could refer to that may know a little more about the market? Any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you all!

@Gregory Flores, Jr. I invest in Pueblo myself and have been doing great. I even bought my daughters a rental down there. I know of a few lenders that are telling me a bulk of their business has been from Pueblo recently.

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