What would make you loyal to your Realtor

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Hi All, I am a Realtor in Colorado and I would love to understand what I can provide you as potential clients to develop a long-term business relationship. 

Hey @Kevin Grinstead , great question.  Our realtor is AWESOME and I'm super grateful we got connected when we were new investors.  The first thing that comes to mind is the value he added.  It wasn't usually him giving us information but him connecting us with resources, more experienced investors, basically him teaching us how to fish. He constantly asked us questions and let us feel like we were making decision but he was really good at motivational interviewing and giving us perspective from the other side of the transaction.  

We were brand new baby investors when we first started working with him and we learned a ton. It took us SIX MONTHS to finally lock down our first house, we made at least 10 offers and we were under contract 3 times before we finally closed. Talk about annoying clients, sheesh.  But a couple months later we were able to purchase another house with him and the next time we are buying in his market we will buy with him.  

Hope that helps!

Add value and fairly priced.

Add Value- consistent deal flow - MLS, Wholesale, off market. Be available for consultation, comps and writing contracts quickly.

Fairly Priced - There are so many options when it comes to listing a property that it is important to be priced correctly. The pricing might be different if you brought the deal vs the investor located it, forwarded a wholesale deal along or spent the time to review the comps and value, then relayed that information.

I think it would be challenging to get investor clients right now, because so many people are "looking" to be in real estate rather than actually doing deals. Of course your goal is to get to the closing table and there are so many variables in order to do so.  

I work with a few agents - one represented me on 4 transactions in 6 months - she brought me the 1st deal in a complex and then was my agent on two more, she then listed a house I was doing a 1031out of. We negotiated the commission on the sell side because I was very easy to work with and closed quickly on the purchases. Used a completely different agent for sale and purchase of a primary residence. I have a different outfit that represents me on new construction projects, they add a TON of value through locating and entitling the property - we have done about $6.5M in sales in that last few years with another $6M in the pipeline. 

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