Flip in Colorado Springs. Should I look into a wholesaler?

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I’m thinking about doing a flip here in Colorado Springs. But, just like everyone else, I’m having a hard time finding a deal that makes sense. So in this kind of hot market, does it make more sense to look to a wholesaler to buy a deal from? Or do wholesalers get squeezed out of our hot buyers market as well? Having never flipped before, I would love to hear from you experienced folks and get me pointed in the right direction. Thanks!

I am having a rough go in my market now. I am on a bunch of wholesaler lists... I have only had 3 total properties come across my flipping area. Of those 3 one I looked at but the numbers didn't work and one I tried to go look at, but had just missed the opportunity. I assumed I would be getting leads daily/weekly. I have seen 3 in 4 months...

@Bryan Cork

Keep your options open and find a deal where ever you can. Just make sure you know your numbers and don't trust any  body else's. There are lots of deals out there you just have to keep looking. Make sure you educate your self on the market so you know when a deal comes across.